Modelling (or fitting) data sets

The fitting or modelling of single or repeat dose pharmacokinetic concentration-time data can be performed easily using PCModfit. The program utilises three very different and powerful algorithms (all very fast) for generating the lines of 'best fit' through data with extensive predictive output to text files and with high quality graphics. Weighted and Iteratively Reweighted Least Squares approaches are used (with or without constraints) with inbuilt calculation of parameter errors and other such essential information required by any professional PK package. The graphical output is of high quality and these stored pictures can be imported into Microsoft Word etc. Data can be entered into Excel spreadsheets in columns and transferred to PCModfit in seconds. Summary results and pictures are stored in the PCModfit 'Results' directory for reports etc.

There are numerous models built into the program including for example, i.v. bolus and infusion (up to 3-compartments), oral (first and zero order), polynomials and many others to wet your appetite! A few examples of pictures generated from fitting data are shown for interest.

Fitting single dose infusion data with a 3-compartment model

Fitting repeat dose data with a 2-compartment oral model (differing doses and intervals)