Latest update on 08 June 2019.

Download PCModfit V6.7 (below) for installation on a PC.

PCModfit has been tested under Windows 7 and 10 with Microsoft Office 2013 (and 2016). Version 6.7 is another major upgrade and is free.

When PCModfit V6.7 Setup is run, make sure the default directory is C:\PCModfit V6.7\ otherwise there will be some problems.

The updates from V6 through to V6.7 are major upgrades. Version 6.7 now has an option for conducting Superposition repeat dose profiles with varying dosing intervals (thanks to a suggestion by Angus McLean) with more precision. Also, slightly revamped, repeated dose simulations can be conducted with user defined Differential Equations allowing varying doses, intervals and models in any sequence. The Loo-Riegelman Deconvolution module has been rewritten with more accuracy throughout, using Wagner's exact equations (J. Pharm. Sci. 72, 7, July 1983) and has test profiles to show their validity (1, 2 and 3 compartment models). A three-compartment oral model has been added, by request, for single and repeat dose simulations. This has been checked against the Differential equation module and the results are identical.

Check boxes have been added to NCA and Deconvolution to make selections quicker and easier (not having to enter an asterisk character). The NCA has been cross-checked, by independent users, with other programs to demonstrate its validity and accuracy. There is now a 'Models' button on the Modelling sheet (next to the 'Run' button) as a quick aide-memoir for available model numbers. There are other updates still being worked on, that will allow data modelling with user defined differential equations in real-time, without the need to recompile the program.
A detailed manual is now available in the setup procedure (installed in directory C:\PCModfit V6.7\Manual). It covers most aspects of the program and it has been updated - it did take a while to write!

Click on picture below for the Version 6.7 download (including the manual).

Version 6.7

Click on picture below for the manual separately.

Manual for Version 6.7

Although PCModfit is free for download and use, a small donation would help me continue with the Website and maintaining the program if you find it partularly useful in your work/research. Any contribution would be welcomed and the PayPal button below gives the donor 5-options depending on how rich they feel. Thanks for your consideration.

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